Ceramic Paint Protection (CQUARTZ)

(12+ hours)


– This level of service focuses on providing the most profound result, yielding heightened clarity, gloss and visual appeal. Focusing on the refinement of your vehicle’s finish, this service focuses on the removal of swirls and reducing/removing other visual discrepancies.
  • Vehicle is thoroughly washed (including wheels/tires) to remove any existing wax, sealant or glaze. This shows the true condition of the paint, free of any masking products.
  • Tires conditioned.
  • Paint is treated with a clay bar to help remove bonded surface contaminants prior to machine polishing.
  • One or more machine polishing steps (compounding, subsequent polishing) are performed to refine the paint work.
  • CQUARTZ Professional or CQUARTZ Finest Reserve are available ceramic paint protection options.


  • CQUARTZ Finest Reserve requires multiple machine polishing steps, refining the paintwork to it’s full potential. Wheels are removed and cleaned. The use of IR (infrared lamps)is employed to help ensure maximum gloss and optimal curing conditions.
CQUARTZ Professional service starting at $1,449.99. Price quoted during consultation. 
CQUARTZ Finest Reserve service starting at $1,999.99. Price quoted during consultation.